Hringekjan: The Carousel of Sustainable Fashion and Brand Recognition

Hringekjan: The Carousel of Sustainable Fashion and Brand Recognition

Nestled in the heart of Reykjavik, Hringekjan, translating to "The Carousel" in English, stands as a testament to the power of sustainable fashion and innovative entrepreneurship. Founded by Jana Maren Óskarsdóttir and Davíð Örn Jóhannsson, this unique store has redefined the landscape of second-hand shopping by emphasizing the continuous cycle of clothing reuse and recycling, much like the endless loop of a carousel.

A Fortuitous Launch Amidst a Fire Drill

The inception of Hringekjan was marked by an impromptu opening a day earlier than planned, in response to a fire drill conducted by Reykjavík City. This serendipitous event not only led to unexpected early success but also validated the founders' belief in the community's readiness to embrace a new paradigm of sustainable shopping. The store quickly became a beacon for those seeking to participate in a circular economy, echoing the carousel's motion of bringing clothes around for another ride, rather than ending their journey prematurely.

Embodying the Circular Economy

Hringekjan's philosophy is intrinsically linked to the carousel's symbolism, representing a sustainable cycle of fashion that minimizes waste and maximizes utility. This approach has not only attracted a diverse clientele, ranging from eco-conscious individuals to fashion enthusiasts but has also fostered a sense of community among those who rent space to sell their clothes and those who shop for them. The store's success in creating a perfect circular economy has been further amplified by its commitment to hosting cultural events and collaborating with designers, enriching Reykjavík's cultural tapestry.

Recognized as Brand of the Month by Hugverkastofan

In a significant nod to its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, Hringekjan was honored as the Brand of the Month in January 2024 by Hugverkastofan (The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office). This accolade not only underscores the store's unique position in the Icelandic retail landscape but also highlights the importance of protecting intellectual property in nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship. The recognition by Hugverkastofan brings to light the critical role of trademarks in distinguishing visionary brands like Hringekjan and underscores the store's contribution to promoting sustainable practices and circular economy principles.

Scaling Beyond Borders

With ambitions to expand their sustainable carousel beyond Iceland, Jana and Davíð are exploring online platforms and international opportunities to spread their ethos of sustainable fashion. Their proactive approach to digital expansion aims to replicate the carousel's continuous cycle on a global scale, making sustainable and second-hand fashion accessible to a wider audience. This vision is supported by their efforts to protect the brand through trademark registration, ensuring that Hringekjan's core values of sustainability, community, and innovation remain unimitated and distinct.

A Cultural and Environmental Beacon

Situated at the strategic intersection of Þórunnartún and Borgartún, Hringekjan transcends its role as a clothing store to become a hub of cultural and environmental innovation. The forthcoming app, designed to connect artists with venues, symbolizes an expansion of the carousel concept, weaving together the threads of sustainable fashion, art, and music. With accolades like the Brand of the Month and support from innovation funds, Hringekjan is poised to continue its journey as a leader in sustainable fashion and a catalyst for cultural enrichment.

From its serendipitous beginnings to receiving prestigious recognition, Hringekjan, "The Carousel," spins forward, inviting all to join in its sustainable revolution. This journey not only celebrates the cycle of fashion but also heralds a new era of conscious consumerism, where every turn of the carousel brings us closer to a more sustainable and interconnected world.

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    105 Reykjavík

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    Þú finnur úrval vandaðs hringrásarfatnaðar og fylgihluta í Hringekjunni

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    We throw regular music events with local and internationl talents

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The circular economy is the key to sustainable consumption, and Hringekjan leads the way in sustainable fashion.

Choose Hringekjan to contribute to a greener future and a more responsible community.

Sustainable Innovation


Hringekjan combines recycling, sustainability, and art, in the project Hring eftir hring (e. Round by Round), where designers and artists are given free rein to create from textiles that result from Hringekjan's operations.



Recognition and Impact in the Community

Hringekjan was selected as the best second-hand store in Reykjavik by The Reykjavík Grapevine in 2022 and 2023. Additionally, it was named the best newcomer in the same category in 2021. These awards underscore Hringekjan's impact on the community and demonstrate how small initiatives can have significant effects.

Circulating Products

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