HRINGEKJAN X KRHA: Merging Sustainable Fashion with Wearable Art

HRINGEKJAN X KRHA: Merging Sustainable Fashion with Wearable Art

Ever wondered what happens to the clothing that goes unsold in our store, Hringekjan? We've found the answer in an exciting collaboration with KRHA and its designer, Kristrún Rut Hassing Antonsdóttir. Read on to learn about this groundbreaking project that combines sustainability, recycling, and art.

The Evolution of the 'Hring Eftir Hring' Project

The 'Hring Eftir Hring' initiative is built on the idea of creatively upcycling clothing. This isn't our first venture into sustainable fashion; we've previously collaborated with artists like Jón Sæmund and seamStress (Isabelle Bailey) to take recycling and sustainability to the next level. Our current aim is to create wearable art pieces from unsold clothing and accessories, in collaboration with local designers and artists. We're incredibly excited to see how this partnership will unfold and the new avenues it will open in our pursuit of sustainable and rejuvenated fashion.

KRHA and Kristrún Rut: The Vision Behind the Brand

Kristrún Rut Hassing Antonsdóttir, a self-taught designer who recently started studies at the Iceland University of Arts, is the driving force behind the KRHA label. Her focus is on sustainability, recycling, and vibrant color combinations. Her goal is to breathe new life into unused clothing by creating unique and fashionable pieces.

Hringekjan and KRHA: A Partnership for Sustainability

In this partnership, we're revamping unsold clothing into wearable art, inspired by contemporary and Bohemian fashion.

How Can You Join Our Circular Fashion Journey?

If you're interested in being a part of this sustainable venture, visit our store at Þórunnartún 2 or check out the latest KRHA pieces online. These unique, 100% recycled pieces will be available for sale on September 21, giving you not just a fresh wardrobe but also contributing to a better environment.

For More Information: Hringekjan x KRHA

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