Hringekjan and Soulcore Unite for Polish Election Day Celebration Through Music

Hringekjan and Soulcore Unite for Polish Election Day Celebration Through Music

Reykjavík, Iceland, 15th October 2023 - Hringekjan, a hub for sustainable retail and musical events, is set to host a unique event that marries the spirit of democracy with the universal language of music, on the day of the Polish parliamentary elections. Soulcore presents: Election Party! In light of the Polish parliamentary elections, we aim to celebrate our right to vote. We, at Soulcore, appreciate those who make their voices heard and show up to vote. Two friends - DJ Magic and RAD! - will present fresh music, spread positive energy, and share their love for music. In collaboration with Hringekjan, we'll gather right below the Polish Embassy to honor the civil rights of the Polish community in Iceland," says Maciej Szwagrzyk (DJ Magic).

Hringekjan is more than just a venue for music; it's an eco-friendly circular retail shop offering apparel and accessories, creating a distinctive environment that bridges music, design, sustainable practices, and community. Located in the heart of Reykjavík at Þórunnartún 2, we provide a warm and cozy environment where customers can reduce their carbon footprint by bringing their unused clothes full circle and earning a share from sales. In 2021, we were recognized as the best newcomer in the Second-Hand shops category by Reykjavík Grapevine, and proudly, in 2022 and 2023, we received the title of Best Second-Hand Shop in Reykjavík, demonstrating how small initiatives like Hringekjan can truly impact the community.

Recently, Hringekjan was granted a fund from the Technology Development Fund of Rannís, which will support an exciting project exploring new ways to connect music, technology, and society. We at Hringekjan are really pleased with this recognition and hope to further broadcast the joyous messages of the city's music and cultural life with this support from Rannís, says Davíð Örn Jóhannsson, one of the owners of Hringekjan.

Proudly Presented by Hringekjan: DJ MAGIC & RAD - Hringekjan Live Sessions #61

DJ Magic: Maciej Szwagrzyk, known as DJ MAGIC, is a passionate DJ and musician from Poland. He is the initiator of the soulcore movement and has nurtured the crowd both on the dance floor and on radio. Influences from Moodymann and other experiences have shaped his musical direction. He has released "The Aquarius mixtape" and is known for mixing beats and genres in his sets, ranging from tech-house to drum'n'bass.

DJ RAD!: Rad! is a DJ with a passion for music that began in his childhood. Originally from Poland but now based in Reykjavík. Rad! traverses a wide field in soundscapes. He is not tied to one music genre but celebrates the depth in bass-driven music. His sets are a wonderful journey through diverse beats and genres, creating unforgettable atmospheres, whether in clubs or music festivals. Rad! invites audiences to lose themselves in the music.

Celebrate democracy and music with us at Hringekjan.

Election Warm-Up at Bíó Paradís: The pre-election excitement transitioned to Bíó Paradís on 14th October 2023, where in anticipation of the Polish parliamentary elections and following the screening of "Green Border" by Agnieszka Holland, everyone was invited to partake in the celebration of democracy. This significant period beckons all Poles, both domestically and abroad. Our goal is to encourage participation in this democratic journey and ignite a discussion about human rights and our collective future.

Above all, we aim to create a safe space where empathy and joy prevail, regardless of political views. Let's unite to the rhythm of music! The evening at Bíó Paradís will commence with a discussion and reflection, followed by a music festival starting at 23:00. This event, which is free and organized by Soulcore for the public, is neither a support nor critique of any political groups, but a joyful proclamation of our democratic choice. The musical ambiance will be crafted by DJ MAGIC, EPHEMERIS, and RAD! with the soulcore sound system. Come and celebrate with us in this symbolic cinema, a splendid example of Reykjavik's cultural atmosphere.

Election Warm-Up event:

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