Hringekjan rents out retail units for sale of used clothes and accessories to their customers.

Each retail unit is 2m² and consists of clothing rack, shelf and common property. Renters are also provided with a 56L storage container (55x31x33cm) which will be used to restock the retail unit as needed by Hringekjan.

Renters are limited to bringing upto 60 items at a time, each rack holds aproximatly 30 items and each. Renters are welcome to restock their storage container at any given time during the rental period.

Hringekjan handles product transactions on behalf of the renter.



Each retail unit is rented on a weekly basis and can be rented for upto four consecutive weeks.

Rental is comprised of a one time upfront fee which is charged upon booking and a percentage of renters sales. The latter is held by Hringekjan at payout and is considered settled.

Upfront fee and percentage in renters sales is detailed in the pricin section of the website of Hringekjan at any given time. Hringekjan reserves rights to change it's pricing without notice. Pricing changes are not aplicable to units in rental at the time of change



Bookings are only available through hringekjan.is

If any questions or issues arise regarding booking, feel free to contact us via the Messenger icon on the bottom right of corner of the screen, or you can email us at verslun@hringekjan.is or phone 841-1111.



In order to be eligible for a refund, a cancellation request must be made 14 days prior to the start of your rental period.



Visit us at Þórunnartún 2, at 11:00 the day your rental period begins. Your products must already be registered with a descriptive name under My Pages at hringekjan.is. Upon arrival, we’ll provide you with everything you need to tag and secure your products. You'll then set up your items in your booth, and anything remaining which cannot fit can be stored in the provided container (56L 55x31x33cm) which will be used to restock your booth as needed.

Leigutaki fær afnot af þjófavörnum en ber sjálfur ábyrgð á að óska eftir þeim og áfesta þær á sínar vörur.



Price changes during your rental period require new barcodes to be printed and re-tagged. You are welcome to come by any time to have labels printed for adjusted items.



At the end of your final day of rental, Hringekjan takes down your products and places them in storage. After your rental period terminates, you have until 12:00 the next day to pick up any unsold items. We charge a daily storage fee of 2.000kr if your items are not picked up by this time. Products are stored for a week at most after the rental period terminates. If items are not picked up by then, Hringekjan will see to it that the products be recycled.



Renters profits from sales are transferred after picke up unsold items. Percentage fee is deducted from transfer.

Payouts are only in form of bank transfers to an account own by the renter. Payouts days are mondays, wednesdays and fridays.

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Our premises are under CCTV surveillance and our staff is on alert for theft. Hringekjan is not responsible for theft, lost or damaged products, and in the case of fire or water damage, you may be covered by your home insurance.

Hringekjan is not responsible for damage customers might cause to your products. That said, Hringekjan will do all within fair reach to have products paid for.



Hringekjan can refuse to display an item if it does not meet our standards. This includes items which are dirty, torn, or otherwise deemed unfit for sale by Hringekjan.

Renter does not have permission to re-sell products from competitors at Hringekjan. For example, one may not buy items at other flea markets/thrift stores/consignment shops, and sell them at Hringekjan for a higher price; nor receive free products for sale, as this does not comply with VAT (tax) regulations. If renter is caught re-selling products in this fashion, Hringekjan reserves the right to cancel the rental without reimbursement.

It is prohibited to sell any illegal, fake, or harmful goods at Hringekjan; as well as tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, produce, pornographic, or any other product which Hringekjan deems unfit for display in any way.

All items sold at Hringekjan are ineligible for return or exchange. Customers are responsible for inspecting products before buying.